Hi! I'm Erica; HEBO's owner and lead creative director.  I am originally from Kansas City.  After a year at the Norwich School of Art & Design in England (and a little traveling around Europe), some friends and I got the itch for another new adventure after college graduation.  A week after receiving my BA from KSU, we (myself and two Jayhawks) threw New York, LA and Chicago in a hat and a few days later had the Uhaul packed and were on our way to the 'Second City'.  

Over the next 14 years, Chicago brought me a husband, a dog and a daughter; along with a love for Agency life!  Five years at DRAFTFCB, another five at G2.GREY GROUP, along with a few others peppered in; I was fortunate enough to get my hands dirty in almost every category there is.  You can see a glimpse of this in PAST AGENCY WORK up top and at my Linkedin page: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/erica-henley-ganz/2/19a/b4a.  It was this range of accounts that taught me that trust from my team and clients is more important that any budget, deadline or cocktail hour.  Not to say that all three of those are not VERY important; but without trust you rarely stay on budget, meet a deadline or CHEERS your team after an amazing campaign launch.

After the long winter of 2011, my family and I decided it was time to 'go home'.  Kansas City has brought me a son, a new appreciation for a driveway and HEBO DESIGN STUDIO (formerly Disrupting Creative Design).  

So here we are; two years in, a new name, and an even greater love for the business!  I hope when you are done reading this you will shoot me an email (hebodesignstudio@gmail.com) and we can meet up for a coffee or cocktail and talk about your dream (past, present or future).  No matter where you are at, it is only just the beginning!