We start with a vision. Your business, goals and overall aesthetic vision.  Where do you see your company or brand in 5 years? 10 years? It is important to invest the time and effort from the ground up.  Some of the strongest brands have stood the test of time and lasted through trends in the industry, changes in economic status and business success.  Whether you are a startup or re-branding a current identity, it is this timeless persona HEBO DESIGN STUDIO wants to bring to your company or brand.

From there we will gather inspiration that speaks to you and translate that into preliminary logos.  Once your logos are finalized, we will custom design every piece of your brand; a identity package including business cards, printed collateral, website and marketing materials all stemming from your original vision.

A phone call, email or in-person consultation launches the above process.  Once we finalize your company’s needs, We will then put together a proposal including service details, time line, pricing and a contract.  When you are ready to begin, a nonrefundable retainer of 50% will be due to ensure your placement in our design production schedule.   From there we start this exciting new adventure of building your brand or company! 


Upon booking our design services, an initial logo proposal + branding style guide will be emailed for your review within 5-7 business days.  We use current market research, target audience analysis and overall visual appeal when creating your identity package.  Requested revisions will be provided in the second round of designs.  Up to two rounds of changes from your original design are included in your package. Additional design revisions requested will be billed at an hourly rate.

Next the printed accessories, including business cards, letterhead/envelope and stationary/envelope, will be designed and emailed for your review.  Additional items, such as marketing materials, may be added from the a la carte menu.  Printed accessories will be designed based on your budget for printing.  It is important to establish a budget for printing as there are many upgrades available for paper and printing methods and the design varies for each.


Finally, using all of the design elements we have approved up to this stage, your custom website will start development. You will be required to provide content, copy and photography before the design of your site begins. This content is vital to ensuring that your website is truly one of a kind.  We will then design a homepage concept, up to two rounds of revisions included. Once this homepage is approved, this look and feel will be used to create the remaining pages; up to two rounds of revisions included.  Once the site has final approval, it will be moved into development. As soon as the design has been programmed, you will then review the test site.  Upon final approval, the site will be pushed live and married with your domain name. 

This gives you a idea of our basic process; but each clients needs are unique and we work with each accordingly.